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5 Tips for buying a new DSLR Camera

new canon DSLR camera

Do you love photography as much as I do? Do you have an out-of-date single lens reflex cam (DSLR), take images with your iPhone video camera or do you own a digital video camera or compact video camera?

Again and again you see these fantastic pictures from some photographers and believe: I want that too? Let me tell you ahead of time: With a new modern SLR camera you will not automatically take such pictures. Unfortunately, that is the unfortunate reality.

Last help from the SLR leaderboard

Naturally you can search for dslr electronic camera test, up and down on Google. You can invest days and weeks sorting through the latest SLR camera leaderboard in your favorite image publication.

What to do When Purchasing a New DSLR Camera?

I have always stated to myself: just when I am much better than my cam will I purchase a new electronic camera. Well, that only partially stopped me. Every now and then I can’t withstand.

But what does it really matter when you want to purchase a new DSLR camera? What is very important when searching for the best SLR for novices? Here I have made a note of a great deal of ideas for purchasing an electronic camera in detail.

By the way, here you will discover best sellers in the compact system cameras category, however here you will find the best sellers in the general category “Digital SLR electronic cameras “.

Wow, what do they utilize to take pictures?

See what an image was photographed with by means of EXIF file. How do the others constantly get these fantastic and razor-sharp pictures? When you look at images online, some pictures provide the so-called EXIF data. This represents Exchangeable Image File Format. These EXIF information offers infos with which electronic camera an image was taken. You can frequently discover these with numerous pictures by right-clicking on the preferred image.

Bingo, I require a new video camera. The picture on the right was taken with a Nikon D800 and a Nikon AF-S Zoom-Nikkor 14-24mm 1: 2.8 wide-angle lens. Of course, you can right away look for the video camera on some websites. You will rapidly find disillusioned – the camera of dreams costs possibly around 2000 pounds without the corresponding lenses. Of course you can buy used half price on our website.

Once again: do you need this? Will a new camera immediately turn your photos into small artworks?

Let’s take off our rose-colored glasses and ask ourselves: Do I actually need this cam at this point in time? Where am I in photography today?

Here you can take a deep breath and consider where you wish to go with your photos? Does a brand-new camera assistance you or are you – if you are totally truthful with yourself – actually looking for new inspiration for excellent photos?

The irony of the headline depends on this photo – a landscape photo that I’m very pleased with. Taken while running in the morning with the smartphone. You didn’t need a super expensive DSLR electronic camera for that.

In the jungle of point-and-shoot video cameras, DSLR, megazoom, mirrorless and co., there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” camera. But what sort of video camera is the next best camera for me and my type of photography?

I have jotted down a few ideas that I have utilized to analyze my video camera purchase prior to I bring my cost savings to the nearest photo shop of my option. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for the best SLR video camera for novices or just a few great ideas for a successful electronic camera purchase.

1. Take stock of your photography in front of the video camera purchase recommendations

Ask yourself: What are you presently photographing? What type of professional photographer are you? Where do you want to go what is your motivation: expert or pastime?

Every DSLR leaderboard and camera test is just excellent if you can interpret it according to your needs. If you can respond to that, you can start your search or, at finest, figure out: Technically, my video camera can do what I currently want.

You should also make certain that your new devices deals with your existing lenses – if you wish to continue utilizing them.

I like to take images of the night panorama over Berlin … Technical term: Long-Exposure Cityscape in the evening.

Numerous new camera models exist every year at Photokina and other photo fairs – not to mention lenses. However you shouldn’t appreciate that in the beginning.

At the beginning ask yourself what you really like to picture?

Do you like to photograph household events, architecture, travel, HDR, in video mode, during the night, in automatic mode, with a great deal of travel luggage or without having to bring it around, minimalist or the terrific city panorama, bugs in close-up, whatever? Only you can address this concern! And this question is important with regard to any camera purchase guidance.

I’ve tried a lot over the previous few months. Once again and again I find myself in two topics: nighttime city panorama in long direct exposure and portraits of exciting faces – whether in street photography or in workshops.

2. It matters: What about your digital camera weight?

A Canon 6D full-frame camera weighs simply under 1.5 kilos with one lens. The Sony Alpha 7 weighs 500 grams in functional mode. The brand-new iPhone 6 weighs 125 grams. Depending on the type and requirement, all three devices take good photos.

Ask yourself: How much weight do I want to bring around with me? I’ve answered this concern and state: I don’t care! I want the full weight and enjoy my DSLR including the lens park, stowed in my picture knapsack on my back.

By the way, here you will discover bestsellers in the compact system electronic cameras classification, here you will discover the bestsellers in the digital SLR electronic cameras category.

3. Look objectively: cash contributes

Megapixels and zoom aren’t everything. The lens plays an essential function in your image quality. If you decide on a “point-and-shoot” or a megazoom electronic camera, then you don’t have much to state when selecting a lens.

However, if it enters into the realm of the digital reflex camera or the mirrorless system cameras, then you also have to pick which lens you desire – a definitive function in the image quality. Lenses for a Canon 6D can cost over 1,000 euros each.

If you require a cam and new lenses, you need to think carefully about which system you begin with.

4. So check out who binds himself permanently: The picture devices

Quickly read the current DSLR video camera test and then purchase it. With a new camera this is also a bit risky. I want and have to hold an electronic camera in my hand before I purchase it.

Perhaps believe a step even more and ask yourself whether your previous accessories will fit with your brand-new cam (UV filter, sd card, external flash units). All of this also costs a lot to buy.

5. Do not you have one – borrow one: rental of photo devices

A choice that I’ve just utilized to gels up until now, but have actually never tried it: borrowing image equipment. Picture chains such as Calumet or my local photo store Foto-Meyer deal rental of photo accessories. Very useful when I first check on a weekend whether I actually need the 1,250 euro wide-angle and whether I enjoy it.

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17 movies and series that you have to see as a professional photographer

Frames From The Edge - Helmut Newton

Films series for photographers: the best suggestions

Often it’s nice to see a film about my preferred hobby – photography – instead of always going to take photos yourself. Especially in existing times a number of us are at home once again.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the great documentaries about fantastic photographers like Sebastião Salgado or Peter Lindbergh, the Hollywood drama about the Bang Club throughout the apartheid period or the instructive short article about street photography in India. Here I have put together a list of inspiring series and movies about photography and professional photographers for you.

And now feet up and press the movie theatre on! I wish you great entertainment.


Auggie (Harvey Keitel) is the happy owner of 4,000 photographs from New york city. His photos all have one and the exact same theme; one and the same perspective. And the picture is always taken at exactly 8 in the morning. No, Auggie is not a professional photographer and for that reason does not pursue artistic expression, Auggie owns a tobacco shop and constantly photographs the intersection in front of his old-fashioned store in Brooklyn. His little store is the focal point of numerous strange-looking characters and this is where the everyday stories that director Wayne Wang gives the screen are created in 4 episodes.

Really impressive, there is so much about mindfulness and watching the moment really carefully.

Back Window

The 1954 movie Back Window by Alfred Hitchcock is about the photojournalist LB Jefferies (” Jeff”), who is dependent on a wheelchair after an accident due to a leg in plaster. Out of boredom, Jeff enjoys through the window of his home what is going on in the backyard of his apartment building in Greenwich Village. The initial pleasure in the peculiarities of his next-door neighbors gradually paves the way to a compulsive curiosity. He observes his neighbor and devises a daring theory of murder. The video camera that James Stewart holds up for the showdown is a 35 mm camera with a big telephoto lens from the Exakta VX series – also called “Varex” outside the USA. A cinematic work of art.

The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman’s Picture Photography

The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman’s Picture Photography is a 2016 American documentary directed by Errol Morris. The movie checks out the life and career of Elsa Dorfman.

The salt of the earth

You undoubtedly understand the Brazilian photographer and picture reporter Sebastião Salgado. Until recently, the film was revealed in selected arthouse cinemas. Now the movie is likewise readily available for tv at home.

The everlasting moments of Maria Larsson

After at first living on with her everyday life, she keeps in mind the video camera once again after years and sees her surroundings shine in brand-new elegance by taking pictures. She meets the captivating photographer Pederson, who entirely messes up her personal life and, not least, brings in the annoyance of Maria’s alcoholic spouse.

Peter Lindbergh – WOMEN’S STORIES

Peter Lindbergh has been among the real greats in the style and photography company for decades. The director Jean-Michel Vecchiet has now devoted a whole film to him. It reveals the artist’s career up to today day.

High Art

High Art is a 1998 Canadian-American film directed by Lisa Cholodenko. It turns out that Lucy is none other than Lucy Berliner, a well-known photo artist who turned her back on the art market 10 years earlier. The director Lisa Cholodenko won with High Art consisting of the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award from the Sundance Movie Festival.

Frames From The Edge – Helmut Newton

Frames From The Edge - Helmut Newton

Adrian Maben’s paperwork is not new – it dates from 1988 – and it is not important. Nonetheless, it is still worth seeing – especially for professional photographers. Because it not just shows individuals, however likewise the professional photographer and artist. Available on YouTube


In the middle of London, the unsuccessful author Dan and Alice, who has actually just come to England from New York, meet and instantly fall in love. When Dan was to be photographed a year later on for a novel based on Alice’s life, he flirted with the photographer Anna, played by Julia Roberts.

Annie Leibovitz: Life through a Lens

The film Annie Leibovitz: Life through a Lens by her sis Barbara Leibovitz shows in an impressive method the work and creativity of the photographer Annie Leibovitz. Many stars have their say and great scenes about Leibowitz’s work can be seen.

Finding Vivian Maier

If you like street photography, you ought to see the film Finding Vivian Maier Vivian Maier rose to popularity late after the 26-year-old broker John Maloof bought a suitcase loaded with negatives at an auction. The movie traces Maloof’s path, how he got to the little treasure, had photos developed and set out on a journey to learn who Vivian Maier was.

Abstract: style as art

Style is particularly interesting for us professional photographers. The series thus deals with design-oriented individuals from various disciplines, whose work can be application-oriented or creatively motivated. In addition to professional photographers, shoe designers and designers are also provided.

The Bang Club

On the other hand, I find it challenging to use the expression “famous” since it was challenging for me to see the film entirely. The film is a function film and therefore a bit spectacular and staged as an action film. The film is absolutely worth watching, even if it is frequently extremely ruthless.

Blow up

The British function movie Blow Up by Michelangelo Antonioni from 1966 is thought about one of the most essential movies of the 1960s. The movie takes place in the swinging sixties in London. The lexicon of worldwide films composes about Blow Up: “In staging, photography and representation, an outstanding film by Antonioni, which tries to reveal the fascination of the image as a representation of real or supposed reality and the possibilities of adjustment and at the very same time draws a portrait of the Beat Generation.”

Richard Avedon – Darkness and Light

A documentary about the American professional photographer Richard Avedon, who reinvented style photography in post-war Paris by introducing practical modes of representation. His pictures of stars and anonymous individuals in their respective living environment have actually likewise become famous. The movie reveals both sides of the artist and lets buddies have their say.

Presently offered completely length on YouTube:

City of God

The film City of God is based on real events. The material for the film has actually been reduced a bit, as the novel informs more than 40 stories, and Buscapé has actually been included as a leading person. He has his personal film developed in the editorial department’s photo lab, which features special close-ups of Locke.

Life – Dennis Stock

The photographer Dennis Stock meets the aspiring young actor James Dean at a party and hopes to advance his career through him. The two become friends and travel across the country to Dean’s hometown in Indiana and back to New York. Stock takes the world-famous photo of James Dean with a cigarette in his mouth. Years later, the photos taken during the trip make Dean an icon.