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6 tips for creative photo ideas: the extraordinary from the ordinary

6 tips for creative photo ideas: the extraordinary from the ordinary

I really take pleasure in writing about imaginative motivation for new picture ideas. Specifically on the method to learn photography, it is constantly important to me that you don’t have to travel to a unique place to take excellent photos – rather the opposite.

Just walk and find the wonder around you!


– Discover the beauty in everyday life

– Discover the wonder around you

6 tips for more extraordinary in the ordinary

  1. The ordinary everyday life
  2. Observe light and shadow
  3. Take notice of the alignment
  4. Have fun with props
  5. Fascination in the background
  6. Take note of your corners and edges

Discover the beauty in daily life

It’s extremely delightful to take powerful, amazing images of everyday life. What can you do when you live in what you think is a truly dull place and you do not see any beauty in the everyday? The concern is of course not meant extremely seriously. Because it has to do with making something remarkable unusual. Let’s get going and try to find beauty in everyday life.

The reflection on a bonnet provides fantastic themes – and very simple to embed in scene.

Discover the wonder around you

It is a bit difficult not to wait for the big travel photography trip, but to discover the beauty – or at least the aesthetically spectacular fascination – in the everyday. But again and again I show you a lot of ideas that it is now very easy to summon something photogenic out of everything. Would you like some examples?

The view from the window with the focus on the rain-soaked pane.

Practical suggestion: Concern selective understanding

Question your perception and alter your viewpoint every now and then.

We call selective perception the psychological phenomenon that only certain elements of the environment are signed up throughout perception and others tend to be neglected. If you perceive something as allegedly uninteresting or regular, question it and attempt to look at it anew, with different eyes.

6 suggestions for more extraordinary in the ordinary

1. The ordinary everyday life

Take photos of street signs, the supermarket or simply the shopping carts in front of the door. Remember the details and nearness ideas, along with the pointers to clean up your scene:

Common obstacles in our theme search

– If the subject is too little, the viewer of your images may not recognize it as the main topic.

– Are there a lot of (unimportant) things in the picture? Oh dear, then the significance of your picture may be lost.

A completely typical theme can look really remarkable in the right image section!

2. Observe light and shadow

Observe the light and also the shadow cast. How can light and shadow assist your scene? You can find more about photographing shadows here.

Having fun with shadows is a great creative photo idea.

3. Take notice of the positioning

Viewpoint and direction are important for the wow element. As quickly as you photograph a banal pedestrian tunnel in ideal balance, the suction result mesmerizes everybody. Frequently it is only a few steps to the left or right that alter the impact of the picture.

A lot of proportion in the Soviet memorial in Berlin Treptow

4. Have fun with props

I put props in my photo. Are you interested by the texture of the wooden table in the hall? How about the glass on the table including your arm and hand in the picture? Much more alive than without!

Such a basic image idea: the hand brings life to the scene.

5. Fascination in the background

Keep an eye out for amazing patterns and textures. When you have a terrific pattern, your great image is not far away.

The background emphasizes the subject – even if it is small and put on the edge.

6. Take notice of your corners and edges

Keep in mind the pointers about the edges and corners of your photo. Notice what takes place there. Let out whatever that doesn’t belong in there, but likewise generate what makes the structure exciting.