Converging Verticals
When taking photos of structures one of the challenges that confronts professional photographers is that of Converging Verticals? Converging Verticals is a term utilized to describe the impact in images when 2 parallel lines in an image (such
ICC-color-profile - Prepare Your Images for Printing
Select a Picture When you prepare your images for printing take note of which pictures you like when you look at them on your phone or computer. Of course, it is an important decision what are going to
In Madrid The Technical Image Press Association(TIPA) announced the winners of the 2020 TIPA World Awards. What is TIPA? The TIPA Award is widely regarded as one of the best known and most prestigious photography awards. . TIPA
The short answer – Sony-D lenses are Sony-A lenses that have Advanced Distance Integration. D lenses have 8 contacts, non-D lenses have 5 contacts. Buying Sony lenses could be confusing. So before I go straight to the explanation
This article is focusing on common Canon fit photography terms, acronyms, & abbreviations, which are used on Canon lenses. In addition other brands as well, such as Sigma and Tamron, that can be used on Canon digital cameras. Common Canon Abbreviations

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