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Incredible Change of the DSLR's
In late 1975, couple of people knew that the world’s very first digital camera had been successfully tested – even within Eastman Kodak Business, where Kodak engineer Steven Sasson spent the bulk of a year establishing an 8 pound model that was the size of a small toaster. The very
Telephoto lens advice
  What is a telephoto lens? To put it simply, a telephoto lens is a lens that brings subjects up close. The focal length starts here at 80mm and has no real upper limit. Increasing the focal length changes the depth of an image significantly. The further the focal length
Camera Hardware Improvements for DSLR's
Naturally, the terrific strides forward in digital SLR innovation (and digital photography in general) aren’t restricted to sensor advancements. Other elements of the electronic cameras, including lenses and devices, have seen significant enhancements, too. Here are some of the most important: Digital Signal Processing (DSP) chips As sensors get more
DSLR camera purchase advice
Buying DSLR: What to Look For Are you considering buying a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera? Are you looking for the answer for most important questions, you need comprehensive advice and reveal what to look out for when buying – from the equipment to the manufacturer? Our DSLR buying guide
tips to Learn to take photos
Are you looking for tips for better pictures? Do you want to learn photography and take better photos? Here I have 15 tips for cool photo tips for you. This makes learning photography child’s play. Well, maybe I am a bit over the top. Because learning to take photos above all requires a lot of practice. But there are already a