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Fixed focal length vs. Zoom?

Fixed focal length vs. Zoom?

I often get the question what is actually better now, I would like to explain the difference between fixed focal lengths and zoom lenses.

Neither of the two is really better, it depends on what you want to photograph.

Zoom lens

A zoom lens makes life a lot easier for the photographer. We can easily zoom in on objects without moving. Of course, this zoom mechanism needs space. The lenses in the lens have to be able to move and this is usually at the expense of lens performance.

Disadvantages of the zoom lens

Due to the zoom mechanism, the lens is missing in other places. Most zoom lenses are very limited in terms of aperture . That is of course logical. The space that the zoom takes up in the lens is at the expense of the other elements. In the affordable price range, the lenses have a maximum open aperture of 3.5 – 6.3. It all depends on the lens and the zoom level.

Advantage of the zoom lens

Of course, the number one advantage is zooming. You don’t have to change the lens if you want a different focal length . However, this can quickly become a disadvantage. I’ve learned more from prime lenses than I could ever have learned from a zoom lens. You think a lot more about the point of view and the perspective and don’t just zoom in on your subject.

Prime lenses

A fixed focal length is a lens without a zoom function. I cannot change the focal length of the lens and have to walk to get closer to my subject.

Advantages of the prime lens

Of course, the lack of a zoom saves space. This space can be used for a large aperture or to make a lens smaller and more manageable. Fixed focal lengths already offer open apertures of 1.8 in a lower price segment.

Disadvantages of the prime lens

The photographer has to think & move. He has no possibility to zoom but can only change the image section by moving (sneaker zoom).

I don’t really see that as a disadvantage myself. It has boosted my creativity enormously and fundamentally changed my thinking in photography.


My recommendation: Get a fixed focal length and only force yourself to take pictures with this for a certain time. It will give you a whole new view of things. You will know when you need a prime lens and when you don’t. You will think differently and adjust your point of view and perspective on the prime lens. You learn to take photos in a completely different way and don’t just zoom in on the subject lazily.

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The perfect setting for couple photo shooting

The perfect setting for couple photo shooting

Time stands still for a couple in love – ideal when this moment is captured photographically. For couple photographers, it is a nice challenge to capture the affection of two people for one another through a professional shoot.

The recordings are not as intimate as with a selfie, but a photographer can perceive even more and has completely different technical possibilities.
And the couple can concentrate on the most important thing: their love.

Every couple who wants a photographer to capture their love for one another is unique. The challenge for a couple photographer is to depict this uniqueness and to tease it out with the design of the shoot. In one moment, as in storytelling, a whole story can be told – the same goes for the relationship between two people.

Giving away couple photo shoots

in the time of the greatest bond between two partners, both feel like they are in abundance. So it makes sense to give away photos of the couple in love together. With such a couple shoot, there are many different ways to perfectly reflect the happiness of the two.

Giving away a photo shoot is a highly analogous affair. And so the region in which the couple lives is sometimes the most important selection criterion. Next, a couple has to decide which style they prefer: romantic, elegant or rather crazy and unusual? In order to implement this, the shooting location, the couple’s outfit and the posing are adjusted accordingly. There are no limits to your imagination. Is there a special occasion for the gift, such as an anniversary or wedding anniversary? A very special quality or a hobby that the couple share? The ideas for designing the shoot are diverse and make the decisive difference.

What are the ingredients for successful couple photos?

The inner image of a couple of themselves is captured in the best case in the most beautiful facets and colors in the photos. In order for a couple shoot to deliver exactly the images that a couple wants of each other, it is important that the ingredients are precisely coordinated. Before the shoot begins, a photographer should discuss the details with the couple so that the right preparations can be made.

The right location:

The photo location is selected depending on what a couple wants. Probably the best lighting conditions can be created in the studio, but maybe it should be an outdoor location that best characterizes the couple or where they feel particularly comfortable?
Is it supposed to rain confetti or have a crazy lifting figure built in? Then the location must offer the opportunity to implement these ideas.

The right outfit and appearance

the picture is about a natural expression, but it can look flawless. In order for both to make the best possible impression, it is an advantage to be able to offer make-up or hair styling during the shoot. It probably makes the couple feel more confident about getting professionally styled beforehand. The outfit should also be designed in such a way that it can withstand years of observation. In the case of a wedding or engagement, a couple may want to have their valuable outfits or accessories properly staged.


Of course, a photo shoot is a posed situation. However, it must not look like this in the subsequent photos. For photographers as well as for couples, it is a challenge to create poses that are as natural as possible in a photo shoot and positions that appear authentic and unsteady. All tips that help the couple to come across as relaxed and relaxed are helpful: For example, the wish whispered in the ear for dinner or the instruction from the photographer to think about the most beautiful moment in their life. Keeping an eye on the couple outside of the official photo shoot can also make a great picture.

Proper Technique

Photographic equipment and shooting techniques should be professional and appropriate. The photographer should know what his strengths are or what technique he thinks works best to portray the couple and the situation. However, technology should never be more important than capturing the special moment between the couple or makcalendar, the former competitive swimmer is not only causing a sensation with his customers with his wedding photos. In just five years as a wedding photographer,  Steven Herrschaft has already received over 100 awards for his pictures: Masters of Wedding Photography,  Fearless Award , Editor’s Choice Award – the list of honors doesn’t seem to end.

How does this young photographer do it? Soft focus is not his method of choice. Striking shadows and unusual perspectives, in which the groom’s bare feet come into focus, are more of a technical description of his style. But what sets him apart is his experimental and intuitive approach. In the style of a street photographer, he throws himself into the action and follows his instinct. He also regularly celebrates at the weddings until the end – every weekend anew. His finding: the chemistry with the couple has to be right, then emotions can best be captured.

To capture the right snapshots of a couple, you need to be imaginative and spontaneous. This is especially true for the photographer, because then he can still get a lot out of an initially self-conscious couple. In the best case scenario, the photo shoot turns into a romantic experience or a happening that the subsequent photos are only too happy to remind of.

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How to Prepare Your Images for Printing

ICC-color-profile - Prepare Your Images for Printing

Select a Picture

When you prepare your images for printing take note of which pictures you like when you look at them on your phone or computer. Of course, it is an important decision what are going to hang on your wall. Especially if it is going to be here for a long time. Your choice is probably depends on the emotions it evokes, the colours or the technical excellence of the picture. Find the exact image that you are looking for.

File Format and Resolution

When you prepare your images for printing for the optimal production use the highest resolution available, don’t change the resolution and don’t resize up or down your photo. Ideally you don’t want to compress your image at all. You can test your picture in some easy-to-use configurator (like WhiteWall) to optimise your file and to achieve the best possible quality. Save it with 8-bit colour and an sRGB colour space.

Colour and Brightness

Don’t forget that colour and brightness can appear different on a monitor than they do in print. There are three reasons for this. The first reason is that a monitor is illuminated and the paper isn’t. Therefore a monitor a monitor can display a photo much brighter than the picture actually is (which is how it will look printed). The second reason is that different papers have their own base tone. It means that a pure white will look different from appear to paper, affecting the overall brightness of the colour. The third reason is that depending on the specifications of the printer such as the dots per inch (DPI), the print-head capability and the type and quality of ink/toner used is also going to affect the colour and the print quality.

For Soft Proofing Use ICC Colour Profiles

What is Soft proofing?  lets you temporarily simulate how an image will appear on another device, such as a printer, by using only a computer monitor. An ICC profile is a set of data that describes the properties of a colour space, the range of colours (gamut) that a monitor can display or a printer can output. The most widely used colour space is Adobe RGB (1998). If you have a calibrated monitor, ICC profiles are the perfect way to asses how your pictures will look on the final product. You can find downloadable ICC colour profiles on the internet for many product options.

Do Test Prints

If you do not have a calibrate monitor or if you don’t want to spend too much time assessing the variables of different things that are affecting your final product, you can do a test printing, which is a hard proof option to see if you need to change anything in order to have a perfect photo.

Best Camera for Photo Printing

If you want to take photos to print them out, perhaps choosing the right camera is the most important. Please notice that print size doubles, the megapixels required increases as well. Therefore, you can make a nice 8″ x 10″ print with a 6 or 8 megapixel camera. But to make a real photo quality 16″ x 20″ print, you would need between 24 and 30 megapixel camera.